Parking (Juniors/Seniors)

Senior Parking Lot

Junior Parking Lot

Any junior or senior Princess Anne High School student who wishes to park a vehicle on school grounds during school hours must submit a parking permit application for approval by school administration.

How do I get a parking space?


  • CLICK HERE to download a copy of the parking regulations and student/parent acknowledgement form.
  • CLICK HERE to fill out an online application using your school user name and password. NOTE: You have to be logged into Google using your school login and password in order to access the form. (Example: [email protected])
  • Bring your printed, parent-signed form to the PAHS office along with your payment.
  • Choose your space!

How much does it cost?

  • $45.00 for the year
  • $30.00 for second semester
  • ATC and Tech Center - $35.00 here and $10 there
  • Choose your space when you turn in your paid application!
  • Personalize your space with environmentally friendly paint for an additional $20.00! (Designs must be approved)

How do I decorate my parking space?

  • Decorating your parking space is an additional $20.00
  • You must submit your parking space design to the PAHS main office
  • Once approved, you may decorate your space using environmentally friendly paint. (The main office will have information about approved materials.)